Below, you can see an interesting economic arrangement. The family has coconut trees in their garden. Because of the way the economy is structured, it is less expensive for them to hire this man to pick the coconuts than it would be for them to just buy coconuts in a store.
In fact, they have more coconuts than they need. Therefore owners of the trees often pay the picker in coconuts, which he then sells to a local store. Everyone wins.
A photograph of a man picking coconuts in Bangalore.
A man picking coconuts in Bangalore
In a few parts of the United States, milk is still delivered door to door. However, not like they do it in Bangalore! Below left is milk being delivered to the house shown above. If this family were wealthy, they might have their own cow. However, they have to settle for getting their milk delivered.
They provide the bucket, to assure cleanliness, and they watch the cow being milked to ensure that the milk is not watered down. Below right you can see the produce cart that came through the neighborhood. The fruits and vegetables there were truly wonderful.
  • A picture of home milk delivery in Bangalore.
    Home milk delivery in Bangalore
  • A picture of home milk delivery in Bangalore.
    Home milk delivery in Bangalore
  • A photo of a produce cart in Bangalore.
    A produce cart in Bangalore
I once went into a local store and asked for a banana. The proprietor looked at me for a moment without saying anything, and then realized my ignorance. "Sir," he explained, "we have eleven kinds of bananas. Which did you want?"
Until that point, I didn't know that eleven kinds of bananas existed, much less that they could all be found in one neighborhood grocery store only about twice the size of my twwo-car garage in Ohio.

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